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Online claiming frequently asked questions

Why do I need an itemised account for online claiming?

An itemised account will detail a fee for each item on the account. This detail will enable the maximum benefit to be assessed and paid online.

The following example shows an itemised dental account detailing a fee for each item:


A non-itemised or bulk fee account has one total fee for several items. For example:

To enable the maximum benefit to be paid online you will need to contact your provider and obtain an account that details a fee for each item provided. Alternatively you can complete a claim form and send the non-itemised account to us in the mail.

What is a tooth ID number?

A tooth ID number identifies the tooth the dentist has performed the work on. Some items don’t have tooth ID number’s such as an oral exam or x-ray, but if your dentist has performed a filling this would have a tooth ID number as they were working on one tooth. This is always a two digit number.

I am trying to log a claim for my alternative therapy service, but I can’t find my provider

Extras providers must be registered with a relevant organisation to be covered for benefits. Alternative therapy providers must be registered with the Australian Regional Health Group for benefits to be paid.

I have forgotten to upload my receipts, how can I send them now?

You can upload your scanned receipts securely online. Click here.

What amount should I use as the cost of the service?

You are only permitted to claim the cost to you of the health service provided. If your provider has discounted the cost of their services then you must claim the discounted amount.

If the bill included a delivery fee or credit card charge these administrative charges cannot be claimed. They were not part of the health service provided to you.