About hospital and extras insurance

Private health insurance has two components, hospital cover and extras cover. Depending on your needs you can purchase both or just one. 

Hospital cover 

Hospital cover allows you affordable access to a private hospital, whether it's for a same day procedure, overnight admission or a longer stay. 

Extras cover 

Extras cover gives you money back on the cost of health services not covered by Medicare. These include dental, optical, chiro, physio, and a range of alternative therapies. 

Our products 

We offer ADF packages that combine hospital and extras, and a range of hospital covers and extras covers that can be mixed and matched to meet your needs. 

ADF packages 

Our ADF Total Package Gold and ADF Essentials Package Basic Plus are just for ADF members (permanent SERCAT 6-7, and reservist SERCAT 3-5), their partners and families. These packages are our best value for money options and there is choice in the level of protection they offer.  

Standalone cover for mixing and matching 

We offer a range of hospital covers and extras covers that can be mixed and matched to meet your needs. ADF families get special pricing on the mix and match range. 

Hospital cover 

We have hospital covers in all tiers, Ultimate Hospital Gold, Advantage Hospital Silver Plus, Core Hospital Silver Plus, Everyday Hospital Bronze Plus and Essentials Hospital Basic Plus. The level you choose determines the number and types of procedures and services you’re covered for. The higher your level of cover, the more you’ll be covered for. 

Extras cover 

We have three levels of extras cover – Premier, Value and Essentials. The higher your level of cover, the more services you’ll be covered for and the lower your out-of-pocket expenses will be.

As well as optical network that delivers great value and lower out-of-pockets, we also offer extra flexibility through flexi-limits. This means you can claim more of your favourite treatment. It can be claimed across the range of flexi-treatment categories, or you can choose to use it on your favourite service. So you can choose how you spend it. 

For information about your current product, view your product guide or in the Downloads section of Online Member Services