Tax time - when, where and how?

You'll need your Private Health Insurance Statement to complete your 2018 tax return.

  • Your Private Health Insurance Statement can be downloaded from 2 July. Just login to Online Member Services.
  • We send the Tax Statement information to the Tax Office. This will be pre-filled into your 2018 myTax online return.
  • Your statement will be mailed to you by July 14. 
  • Any other questions? Here's some help with your tax.


Download past statements

If you have registered for, and activated your Online Member Services account you are able to get copies of your annual private health insurance statements from the past three financial years. You or your accountant will need the annual statement to complete your tax return. You can use your smartphone device to email them to yourself or use your computer or tablet to download and print them.

If you're on a smartphone

If you're on a tablet or computer

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