A huge welcome to our 120,000th member

Our unique community continues to grow and we’ve just reached our 120,000th membership with the welcome addition of the Kelly family. Let’s meet them.  

Kelly Family web.pngMum, Joanne, first heard about us on the radio. Her ears pricked up as both she and her partner, Shane, had relatives who served in World War II, making their growing family eligible to join.

The family joined in June and was attracted to our value-for-money attributes combined with the fact we’re not-for-profit. However, Joanne said it was our values and ongoing support of the Defence community that played the biggest part in her decision to join.

“I feel like our grandparents who both fought in WWII are getting the recognition they deserve after all these years and they would be immensely proud they are able to help provide a healthy future for our family,” Joanne said.

The Kellys live in NSW, with their three children: Hudson, 11, Stella, 8, and Maya, 6. They’re all very active and involved in many different sports. Hudson plays basketball and Australian Rules football and Stella and Maya both play soccer and enjoy riding their bikes together.

It’s great the Kellys are all active but this doesn’t mean they will not face health issues at some point. As we all know, with little ones, dental care and orthodontics usually play a big part in childhood health!

In addition to the children’s health care needs, Joanne is no stranger to specialised medical care. Having undergone treatment for breast cancer four years ago, her recovery involves ongoing physio and remedial massage. She is also required to wear a compression garment.

With our dedicated Member Services team we can ensure the Kellys continue to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle supported by the best possible cover for them.

We’re delighted to be growing and providing our special brand of service to so many valued members. To celebrate the milestone, we’ve rewarded the Kelly family with a $500 Coles Myer gift card.

Welcome to the Defence Health family Joanne, Shane, Hudson, Stella and Maya!