We have some big news – your extra’s cover just got more flexible

That’s right. From 1 October 2016 we’re introducing a flexi-limit on extras treatment like physio, chiro, podiatry, audiology, exercise physiology, travel vaccinations and more. That’s in addition to our great optical and dental benefits.

The flexi-limit applies to Premier, Value or Essentials Extras, ADF Total Package and ADF Essentials Package. The higher the level of cover, the higher the flexible limit.

Many members have told us they want greater flexibility from their extras cover. They say they want more physio rather than chiro. Or a higher podiatry limit instead of speech pathology. The new flexi-limit is in response to that feedback.

With the higher flexi-limit you can claim across a range of treatment categories. Or just the one treatment up to the higher flexible limit. It’s your choice.

Importantly, everyone in the family has their own flexi-limit.

Check your product guide for the benefits that apply to your cover. You can find out more about how flexi-limits work here. It’s pretty simple and very flexible.

We’re pretty excited about the new flexi-limit and we think you will be too. If you have Top Extras or Standard Extras and you like the sound of a flexi-limit, give us a call about switching your cover.

Flexi-limits are effective from 1 October 2016.