Members Own Health Funds

We exist to benefit members.

Defence Health is proud to be a part of an exciting new initiative designed to highlight a genuine choice for Australians when it comes to choosing their health fund. A group of not-for-profit and mutual health funds, including Defence Health, have come together under the banner of Members Own Health Funds to communicate the advantages we provide over funds driven by the profit needs of shareholders and overseas owners.

Members Own Health Funds like Defence Health, are run to benefit members, not investors. This means you’ll be treated as a member, not a number or a profit centre. We deliver better service, have higher member satisfaction and loyalty and receive fewer complaints than for-profit and overseas owned funds.*

We are still uniquely Defence Health but when you see the Members Own Health Fund symbol, you can rest easy knowing that we are part of this group.

At Defence Health, we see things a little differently to most. Our members aren't numbers or names, they're just like family. And when you're part of our family, family always comes first. That's why we're not-for-profit and why your wellbeing is what matters most.

As well as serving those who serve, we're committed to supporting the entire Defence Force community. That includes individuals and families with a connection to the forces all the way back to a grandparent – as well as Defence contractors and Defence public servants.

Check out this video of the Members Own Health Funds launch featuring our CEO Gerard Fogarty.


* All claims are based on paid benefits as a percentage of premiums and on member retention rates of 2+ years and complaints to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Claims based on five year average, aggregated outcomes of Members Own Health Funds versus the group comprising Medibank, AHM, nib and Bupa.