Welcome to the family

After 60 years of committed service to the Defence community, Defence Health is entering an exciting period of significant growth and change.

We were created to support the families who defend our country. We still do but today our family has grown. And our bond is stronger than ever.

Our history, heritage and strengths are already clear to those who know us. We’ve earned a reputation for delivering value for money with genuine care, knowledge and expertise.

Our ability to deliver consistently high levels of service has been a cornerstone of the business. Comprehensive advice and cover has created an expectation of reliable and consistent cover. It’s never affected by the different stages in members’ lives or the postings ADF members and their families may have. We know our members focus on more important things in their lives – relationships and family – not insurance.

From our member research we also know there’s a feeling of exclusivity in being a member. So, Defence Health products will continue to deliver peace of mind, value and now, more choice for our members.

While some things will remain the same – simple and reliable, value for money cover for ADF families – we’ve made a plan for the future which incorporates some changes.

We’ll be making continuous improvements across our entire business because our members demand it. Our positioning, pricing, processes, communications and key channels, including web, are now designed to connect with all our members – current and future. This will already be noticeable in the new visual identity we have developed to reflect the modern and progressive organisation Defence Health has become.

Three elements together portray what Defence Health is all about:


Our 60 years as a health insurer, our knowledge of the ADF and the expertise of our staff


The ADF family and our members’ immediate and extended family who are eligible to join us


The value for money we provide, the value of health insurance and the value of the assistance and advice our members receive from us.

These elements underpin our brand essence. Together they are uniquely Defence Health.