We look after you like family.

At Defence Health we put you before profit. Our members are more than just a name or number. You’re just like family. If you want great value health insurance from a not-for-profit insurer that’s all about benefiting members, cares about your wellbeing and always provides excellent service, you’re in the right place.

Why you’re better off with Defence Health

  • Special member prices at network dentists
    At a network dentist, you'll get quality dental care at special member prices. Plus, you’ll receive a no-gap annual check-up and clean (limited to one per financial year for Value Extras, or two per financial year for Premier Extras and ADF Total Package, and within general dental limits).
  • No-gap glasses
    With extras cover you can choose from a wide range of no-gap glasses from our optical network.
  • Flexible extras on flexi-limits
    Flexi-limits include a range of extras treatments under one overall limit. It can be used across the range of included treatments, or you can choose to use it all on your favourite included treatment.
  • Mix and match hospital and extras cover for your needs
    You can mix and match our hospital and extras products to create the perfect cover for your stage of life.
  • You could avoid Government taxes and loadings
    The Australian Government has a number of initiatives to encourage people to take out private health insurance.There are benefits for taking out cover and penalties if you don’t take out cover depending on things like your age, income and when you first take out cover.
  • Comprehensive ambulance cover
    Comprehensive cover for ambulance services by state-appointed ambulance providers across Australia. This includes emergency services, non-emergency dispatch, mobile intensive care and air and sea ambulances services. Patient transport services are not ambulance services and are not claimable.
  • No hospital excess for kids
    If you have a policy that covers your family, you’ll never have to pay a hospital excess for your dependent kids.
  • Manage your membership online 24/7
    With Online Member Services, it is easy to view your cover, claim on selected Extras, view your limits, download your tax statement, update your details and more.
  • We're for family, not for profit
    Because we’re not-for-profit, we’ve got more for members. Member contributions stay in the fund for the benefit of all members, so we can give more back to members in benefits and we focus on keeping premiums low.
  • Get more back in benefits
    In 2020, 92 cents of every premium dollar went back to members in benefits. That’s because we don’t have shareholders, so your premiums stay in the fund.
  • Over 65 years experience
    We were created to support the families of those who defend our country. With all our experience, we understand better than anyone what you want from health insurance.
  • Friendly expert staff
    Our friendly expert staff are here to help. In 2019, 98% of members surveyed said they were satisfied with our service. It’s because we never forget we’re dealing with your health and wellbeing.
You're better off when you switch to Defence Health

You're better off when you switch to Defence Health

Switching to Defence Health is easier than you think. 

  • You can join online
  • We recognise waiting periods you have already served, so when you join within 60 days of leaving another fund - you can claim immediately 
  • We will do all the paperwork for you, including contacting your previous fund
Transitioning out of the ADF?

Transitioning out of the ADF?

We understand that transitioning out of the ADF can be daunting. We are here to help. 


You can join Defence Health if you recognise yourself in one or more of the groups below.

Past service

  • All those who have previously served in the ADF (full-time or part-time) and their partners and children

ADF supporters

  • Anyone who works or has worked in the Department of Defence and other Defence-related departments
  • Anyone who works or has worked for a Defence supplier - a company or agency contracted to the Department of Defence, where you are or were involved in the supply of goods and services to Defence

Extended families

  • You are the mum or dad, son or daughter, sister or brother, grandchild or ex-spouse/partner of a serving or ex-serving member of the ADF or of an ADF supporter (described above)

Getting a quote is quick and easy - 

Partners and dependent kids of ADF members (permanent SERCAT 6-7, and reservist SERCAT 3-5) can all join Defence Health. We have specially designed cover options more relevant to your needs.