Paying your premiums


Paying your premiums is easy.

Direct debit from your account

You can pay your premiums by direct debit either from your bank account or your credit card. You can set this up over the phone, through Online Member Services or by filling out a direct payment options form.

If you are paying direct from your bank account, you can pay fortnightly on the day of the week you nominate.

If you pay by credit card, all credit card payments are processed on the 15th of the month.

One off payments

If for any reason, a one-off payment needs to be made, you can do this online or over the phone.


Login to Online Member Services to make a payment.

Phone - 1800 335 425

Payments can be made by credit card over the phone using our 24/7 automated credit card payment service.


Are you currently paying by ADF payroll?

From 12th February 2015, Defence are ceasing discretionary payroll deductions. This means that you will need to change your health insurance payment method.

Before the 12th February 2015, make sure that you:

1. Cease your allotment through PMKeys

2. Call or email to let us know your bank account details and the date you want to commence. Most members choose to have their premiums deducted from their bank account fortnightly in line with their pay.