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Health Insurance for the Defence Community

ADF membersand their...

  • Families
  • Kids
  • Partners

Connected to Defence through my...

  • Work
  • Past Service
  • Family
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  • We're for family, not for profit
  • We exist to benefit members
  • Over 60 years experience
  • Customer satisfaction award winner
  • Friendly expert staff
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    Our unique community continues to grow and we’ve just reached our 120,000th membership with the welcome addition of the Kelly family. Let’s meet them.   Mum, Joanne, first heard about us on the radio.…
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  • Member Satisfaction Survey

    Wow. You gave us our best result ever! This year’s member satisfaction research has delivered our highest ever customer satisfaction result in the 11 years we’ve conducted the research. In the survey…
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You can join Defence Health if you recognise yourself in one of the groups below.

Getting a quote is quick and easy - click here to get one now.

If you don't fit within this group you may be eligible through your past service, family or work - visit our Defence Connections area to get a quote.


You can join Defence Health if you recognise yourself in one or more of the groups below.

Past service

ADF supporters

Extended families


Getting a quote is quick and easy - click here to get one now.


Partners and dependent kids of ADF members (permanent, and reservists serving 20 or more training days in a financial year) can all join Defence Health. Click here to get a quick quote in the ADF Members area.

If you don't fit within either of these groups or you're not sure, give us a call on 1800 335 425.