Choosing Defence Health

Defence Health – the health fund you can trust

There’s more for members at Defence Health. That means better health, wellness, and lower out-of-pocket expenses for you. Just like family, we’re here for you when you need us.

We’re for you, not for profit

We’re not-for-profit, which means contributions stay in the fund for the benefit of members rather than shareholders. We can give more back to you in benefits and focus on keeping premiums low.

We’re for choice

It’s your choice. Our dental and optical networks provide great value. Or you can visit any provider you like, and you will still receive great benefits.

We’re for community

Our roots are in Defence. Since 1953, we’ve been here to support the families of those who defend our country. We understand better than anyone what you need from health insurance.

We make life easier

Join a health fund that is family focused. Everyone can get the care they need to stay well – and the treatment they need when they’re unwell. There's no excess for kids if they go to hospital or individual annual extras limits for every member of the family, and no lifetime limit on orthodontics. 

At Defence Health, we look after our own

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Are you part of our squad?

If you’ve got a Defence connection, then we’re here for you.

Serving and ex-serving veterans are our heroes – so they’re immediately eligible to join. Their children and grandchildren can join. As well as their brothers, sisters, parents, partners (or former partners).

Partners and children of ADF members (permanent SERCAT 6-7, and reservist SERCAT 3-5) are also eligible for our specially designed packages that are tailored for your needs. If you’re a member of the permanent ADF you don’t need to cover yourself. 

Current or former employees of the Department of Defence or select Defence-related departments or contractors are also part of our squad. This includes:

  • Anyone who works or has worked in the Department of Defence and other Defence-related departments
  • Anyone who works or has worked for a Defence supplier – a company or agency contracted to the Department of Defence, where you are or were involved in the supply of goods and services to Defence.