Latest updates on our system and service

How to register for the Member Portal

The first time you log in, you will need to take a few moments to register; this will give you access to your policy details and claims. You'll need to do this even if you were registered on the old website.  

Our video will guide you through the simple steps. 

You can now make payments online

We’ve added some new self-service functions to make it easier for you (or the policyholder) to update your policy in the Member Portal: 

  • Make an immediate online payment to your membership. Click the ‘Make a payment’ tile on the home page. 
  • Update the account that we pay your claims benefits into. Click the ‘Edit payment details’ tile on the home page, scroll down to select the member and then select ‘View and edit’ and choose 'Claims account' from the list. 
  • Change your payment method or the frequency of your premium payments. Click the ‘Edit payment details’ tile on the home page, scroll down to select the member and then select ‘View and edit’ and choose ‘Premium payment’ from the list. 
  • Order a new membership card from the member menu at the top of the portal.

We've extended our contact centre hours

Our priority is to reduce call wait times so you can speak more easily to a real person and get your issues fixed. 

Our new extended call centre opening hours are: 

  • 8.30am to 7.00pm AEDT Monday to Thursday 
  • 8.30am to 6.00pm AEDT on Fridays.

A message from Acting CEO Major General Gerard Fogarty AO (Ret'd)

Troubleshooting tips

Member Portal – Even if you had registered and used our old website, to use the new website, you’ll need to register. Once you’ve registered, you can log in with your email and a new password.

We’re still improving functionality and currently you can do the following in your Member Portal:

Tax statements – Click the ‘Tax statements’ tile on the Member Portal homepage. In July we sent this information to the Tax Office for pre-filling of your 2023 tax return.

Update payment details – You can now update bank or credit card payment details via the ’Edit payment details’ button.

If you’ve recently updated your premium payment details to start on a future date, they may not appear today, your updated details will be reflected on the day they apply. You can find those details in the certificate of cover sent to your email, and available under My Documents.

Make an ‘Express Claim’ – For faster payment, some claims can be made through the Member Portal. Online claims through the Member Portal are usually paid within two business days. Snap and send from your mobile will take longer than claiming online.

Although the list includes a wide range of services, currently you can only claim the following services via Express Claim: General & Major Dental, Optical, Remedial Massage, Acupuncture & Myotherapy, Group Physiotherapy, Group Exercise Physiology, Flexi-Limits: Exercise Physiology, Psychology, Speech therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry/chiropody, audiology, Dietitian, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic/Osteopathy

Previously submitted claims - We’re processing a large volume of claims and we’ll get your benefit payment to you as soon as we can. We apologise for the delay and appreciate your patience.

Some handy hints 

To make your experience navigating our website easier, our team has created some helpful video tutorials which you can access below.