Our community

Who we are here for

The Defence community is a far-reaching group. At its core are ADF members, and their partners and their children. But there are others in the Defence community whose contributions to the security of the nation are less obvious.

First, there are those who have served in the past – whether they are World War II veterans or the ADF members who are transitioning today to a new civilian life. Plus of course their partners and children.

There are also those who support, or have supported, ADF serving personnel. Think of all the past and present employees of the Department of Defence and other Defence-related departments. And all the Defence suppliers. They might be running canteen services or maintaining the latest fighter jets. Either way, they support Defence in many important ways and are part of the Defence community.

Finally, there are the often unsung Defence supporters – the extended families of all those who serve or have served. The mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, and even the grandchildren all play a part in supporting active Defence personnel.

The Defence community is one big Defence family of which we’re proud to be a part. 


Sponsorships for the Defence community

We support the Defence community through sponsorship of Defence community groups and organisations like Defence Families of Australia and the Defence Special Needs Support Group. 

If you have a Defence related conference or community event you think we should know about, just drop us a line. If it supports the Defence community and reflects our family values, then we’ll be keen to check it out. Sponsorship enquiries should be directed to Nicola Scully, our Defence Community Relationship Team Leader on [email protected]


Funding medical research for the Defence community 

Defence Health has funded medical research aimed at helping serving and ex-serving ADF personnel and their families. Grants have been awarded covering a wide range of research related to Defence community health issues, from testing the effectiveness of wound repair materials to preventing bone and muscle injury during Army recruitment training. Defence Health is proud of its contribution to the health and wellbeing of both serving personnel and their families.