My Medical Expert

My Medical Expert gives members with hospital cover the opportunity to access expert medical specialists for a second opinion. It can give you the confidence and clarity you need if you’re unsure about your diagnosis, treatment plan or proposed surgery. Provided by Best Doctors®, My Medical Expert connects members and their treating doctors with the expert advice of leading medical specialists from around the world. You can get expert advice on most medical conditions from migraines to heart disease (dental, mental health and emergencies are excluded).

Second opinion service

  • A specialist in your condition will conduct an in-depth medical review
  • The findings will help you confirm a diagnosis
  • You'll get advice on your treatment options
  • You can check to see if your recovery is on track 

Ask an expert

  • Ask an expert a question about your medical condition or treatment
  • Helps you to make sure you're asking the right questions

My Medical Expert is provided at no charge to Defence Health members with hospital cover. To find out more or to use My Medical Expert simply call 1800 830 082.


Watch this short video explaining how My Medical Expert, provided by Best Doctors®, works.


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  • How does My Medical Expert work?

    My Medical Expert is provided by Best Doctors who maintain a database of more than 53,000 leading medical specialists from around the world. They are recognised as the best in their field and are dedicated to providing members with expert medical specialists advice and support.

    For an in-depth diagnostic review of your condition, Best Doctors will collect your medical records and retest pathology if required. Their most qualified expert will be appointed to review your case. The findings will then be delivered to you in a report, with someone from the Best Doctors medical team calling you to discuss the report.

    An in-depth review will take around 15–20 days from the time of collecting your medical records.


    For the Ask an Expert service, a member of the Best Doctors medical team will gather your questions and you'll receive an expert report in 5-7 days from a leading international specialist.

  • Who is eligible to use My Medical Expert?

    Defence Health members with hospital cover are able to use My Medical Expert as needed.

  • When would I use My Medical Expert?

    My Medical Expert can be used when:

      • You have questions about your medical condition and want more information.
      • You're not sure what decisions to make about your medical condition.
      • Your symptoms don’t seem to be improving.
      • You want to know if surgery is the best option for you.
      • You simply want a second opinion.
  • What medical conditions are covered by My Medical Expert?

    You can use My Medical Expert for advice or clinical review of:

      • diseases of the nervous system
      • eye disease
      • diseases of the ear
      • respiratory system conditions
      • the metabolic and endocrine system
      • digestive disorders
      • musculoskeletal conditions
      • urological conditions
      • cancer
      • immunological diseases
      • blood diseases
      • gynaecological conditions
      • circulatory system
      • skin diseases
      • ...and more

    My Medical Expert cannot provide advice on mental health or dental treatment, or treatment in the case of an emergency.

  • Will my medical information be treated with confidentiality?

    My Medical Expert provided by Best Doctors is a separate organisation to Defence Health. All your medical records, test results, etc are kept completely confidential and private from Defence Health.

  • Who are the Medical Experts?

    My Medical Expert provided by Best Doctors has access to the expertise of more than 53,000 specialists worldwide in over 450 medical specialties and sub-specialties.

  • How will my Doctor feel about me getting a second opinion?

    The aim of My Medical Expert is to help you and your doctor/medical team by offering a second opinion from medical experts from around the world, giving you peace of mind. 

    A second opinion isn’t trying to question your doctor or find fault in their care of you. Sharing the Best Doctors report with your doctor and working with them in your treatment can only help to improve your health and wellbeing.

  • What if my doctor disagrees with the second medical opinion provided by My Medical Expert?

    The advice does not replace your relationship with your doctor. In Australia, the clinical review process undertaken by Best Doctors has led to a change of diagnosis in 10% of cases, and a suggested change of treatment in 26% (on average). Best Doctors does not provide medical treatment – the service just gives you valuable information for you to discuss with your doctor.

  • Will the report only discuss treatment options available under my current cover?

    No. My Medical Expert does not have access to any details about your Defence Health insurance cover.

    It is important to note that the Best Doctors® report could give you information on a treatment which may not be available in Australia, or not covered under your hospital policy.

    It is best to discuss the Best Doctors findings with your own doctor.

    Defence Health products do not cover treatments provided outside Australia.

    We recommend you contact us prior to undergoing any treatment.


Best Doctors disclaimers Best Doctors® and the star-in-cross logo are trademarks of Best Doctors®, Inc., in the United States and in other countries, and are used under license. Best Doctors®’ services are not intended to substitute professional medical advice or provide a medical diagnosis or therapeutic recommendations on their own. The outcome does not represent or guarantee that anyone will obtain a similar result, as the case will vary depending, among other circumstances, on the information provided to Best Doctors®. Best Doctors® isn’t insurance and it doesn’t replace your relationship with your current doctor or medical specialist.