Dental Network

We want to keep you smiling

Our network dentists deliver great value dental treatment for our members with extras cover.

The national network is comprised of National Dental Care, Maven Dental and 1300 Smiles.

At a network dentist you’ll save up to 15% off the usual fees charged by the dental practice. And with Premier, Value or Top Extras – or the ADF Total Package Gold – you’ll receive a no-gap check-up and clean (limited to one per year, or two per year for Premier Extras and ADF Total Package).


Find your nearest network dentist

How to claim at a network dentist

  1. Make sure you’ve served the 2 month waiting period before receiving treatment (or 12 months for major dental and orthodontics)
  2. Show your Defence Health membership card to activate the dental network lower fees
  3. Swipe your membership card for your Defence Health extras benefit.

Your dentist is your choice

Our goal is to make quality dental care more affordable for the whole family. If you don’t want to use the dental network, that’s okay. You can choose to see your own dentist and you will still receive your regular extras benefit from us.


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