Health Nav

Extra support for ADF & ex-serving families

We understand that serving and ex-serving families face unique challenges in navigating the health system. You’re constantly on the move and sometimes it can be hard to find the local health support you need.

Health Nav is our dedicated service that offers you a helping hand.

Our friendly, clinically-trained Health Nav officers are just a phone call away. Health Nav is here to:

  • help you navigate the health system – how does Medicare, DVA and your private health cover fit together?
  • provide assistance in managing your children’s immunisation schedule
  • connect newly posted families with local doctors and other health service providers
  • help families tap into mental health services when and where they need them
  • link young families with maternity and midwifery services, mothers’ groups and other family services
  • support transitioning families and identify available resources.

A child with special needs places extra demands on a family – especially when a family is posted interstate. Health Nav can help find a local paediatrician, children’s and carer support, as well as welfare services. Relocation is that little bit easier with Health Nav by your side.

Some members find it challenging to access DVA or community support programs. And with pressing health issues, sometimes you can feel defeated by the system. Health Nav can help guide you through the process of Non-Liability Health Care and other entitlements for support. Let us take the frustration out of finding the services you need.

Health Nav is an exclusive service to better connect and empower you to navigate the health system.

Give us a call on 1800 375 321 – Monday to Friday, 8:30am–5:00pm AEST.