Health Programs

Making a positive difference to the health of our members

We’re committed to helping our members achieve better health. Our health programs address the serious health challenges that impact health, wellness and quality of life.

We’ve partnered with reputable providers of targeted, successful, evidence-based programs. The programs are designed to manage modifiable risk factors for health conditions.  

Most of the programs are run over a four to six-month period and delivered over the phone by a dedicated, trained health coach. Depending on the program, there may also be email and SMS support provided and online self-monitoring.

The Health Programs will help members with:

By making changes today you could prevent or reduce risks to your health. Your health coach will partner you on the road to better health, providing you with the support and motivation to overcome barriers that may have prevented success in the past. And of course, your doctor is also part of the team to support existing treatment and aid your recovery.

Program eligibility

All members with hospital cover (except for Everyday Hospital Bronze Plus, Essentials Hospital Basic Plus and ADF Essentials Package Basic Plus) may be invited to join a program. Selection could be based on a previous hospital admission or other relevant claim, or a referral from a hospital or your doctor. The weight loss programs can also be assessed after completing the online application process and obtaining your doctor’s approval. For more information about program invitations and eligibility, view the FAQs.