Health Programs

Making a positive difference to the health of our members

We’re committed to making a positive difference to the health of our members. Our Health Programs help invited members with serious health challenges to improve their health, wellness and quality of life.

We’ve partnered with Remedy Healthcare, a provider of highly targeted, successful, evidence-based programs to deliver telephone based chronic disease and risk factor management programs.

Telephone consultations take place over a four to six month period, with each member dealing with a dedicated health coach. The programs are tailored to individuals and they achieve life-changing results, with 95% of people reporting that they feel more confident to manage their health after taking part in a Remedy Healthcare program.

The Health Programs will help members with:

  •  Chronic heart disease
  •  Diabetes
  •  Lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  •  Peripheral vascular disease (circulation disorders)
  •  Osteoporosis and bone health
  •  Mental health - anxiety & depression
  •  Risk factor management
  •  Rehabilitation in the home
  •  Hospital in the home
  •  Falls prevention and safety in the home
  •  Complex and integrated care

The best way to prevent or reduce the risk of many future health issues is to make changes today to improve your health. As part of the program you will be teamed with a Health Coach who will be your partner on the road to improving your health. Your Health Coach will help you to establish your health goals and to identify and overcome barriers that may have prevented success in the past, working with your doctor to support existing treatment and aid recovery.

Program eligibility

If you have our ADF Total Package, Ultimate Hospital, Value Hospital, Premier Hospital, Top Hospital, ADF Top Hospital, Public Hospital or ADF Public Hospital cover you are able to access a number of programs and services that help you look after your health and wellbeing. You may be invited to take part in a program based on previous qualifying hospital admissions, or your hospital or doctor may refer you to a program. If we think you could benefit, we will be in touch. For more information about program invitations and eligibility, visit FAQs.

While not all members will participate in these programs, all members will benefit from the overall health impact on our membership and the lower number of avoidable hospital admissions. That's because lower hospital and medical costs reduces the pressure on premiums.


Health Check

Not sure about your health status? Do you know if you are at risk of diabetes? When you complete our Health Check you can check your risk factors for chronic disease, get tips for managing your health and depending on your risk factor result and level of cover, you may be able to participate in a health program. 

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