Keeping young singles covered

Keep your family covered

Maintaining cover for your kids as they become young adults is important to us. That’s why we’ve got a range of options to keep your family covered.

Under 25 years old

Studying full-time and single

Your kids remain covered by your family policy between age 21 to 25 if they’re single and studying full-time. No sweat. And no extra cost for you. Single means not married or living with a partner. We’ll just need to touch base with you each year to check they’re still in full-time study.

Not studying full-time and single

You have the option to keep your 21 to 25 year-olds covered by extending your eligible combined hospital and extras policy to Family+. A higher premium will be applied to recognise the young adult(s) on the policy. Please email us or call 1800 335 425 to set up Family+.

The other option is for young adults to take out their own hospital or extras policy. They can then choose the cover that suits their needs. And depending on their selection, they can lock in a Youth Discount that can stick with them every year until age 41. Click here to get a quote.


Over 25 years old

Whether the young adults are working or still studying, they must step off your family policy when they turn 25. We’ve got a range of mix and match hospital and extras cover to suit their needs and budget. They can also lock in a Youth Discount of up to 10% on eligible hospital cover if they join before they turn 26. The discount drops to 2% if they join at age 29. The Youth Discount delivers savings on the premium every year until age 41.

Hospital cover means timely treatment when it’s needed. And by taking out an equivalent hospital cover within 60 days of leaving a family policy, young adults can avoid new waiting periods.

Remember, turning 25 is the time for action. Without their own cover, your kids will have to join the public hospital waiting list for anything other than an emergency. And without extras cover they’re on their own when it comes to dental, optical, physio, psychology or other important allied health care.


Need more information?

Feel free to email us or call us on 1800 335 425.