Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Being sick or injured away from home is not just inconvenient. It can be very expensive. And your health insurance may not cover you overseas.

Lost or stolen luggage, cancelled flights and lost deposits can put you out of pocket. In the case of overseas medical bills it could be tens of thousands of dollars. You don't have to be a risk-taker either, a broken ankle overseas can cost you thousands of dollars. Defence Health travel insurance can help provide peace of mind. 

Travel is all about exploring and discovering new places but sometimes things can go wrong. While most people who have it will turn to their travel insurance for assistance in such moments, for others it is something they will think about too late. 

Take a closer look at some of the reasons people think they may not need travel insurance - and why it may be beneficial to be covered. 

The great myths of travel insurance

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Lost or stolen luggage, disrupted travel plans, rental vehicle damage - these are all problems that can occur in any destination and even on a short trip away. Travel insurance often provides cover for more than just the risk of injury or accident.

When you purchase travel insurance you are reducing the need to worry about the 'what ifs.' Imagine something as simple as dropping your camera while overseas. The cost of a comprehensive travel policy may be a lot less than repairing or replacing the items yourself. 
Your pre-existing medical condition may be covered under the policy. The Product Disclosure Statements has a list of pre-existing medical conditions that are covered for no additional premium. For other pre-existing medical conditions you may be able to apply for cover for an extra cost. One of the roles of the Australian embassy or High Commission around the world is to provide consular assistance and assist Australian travellers by issuing passports ( Ordinarily, the role does not include reimbursing travellers for their expenses if they suffer a loss overseas. Travel insurance can provide cover for emergency medical care and claims for lost property.
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Lost or stolen property, delays to travel and missing travel documents are all incidents may be just as likely to occur as a trip to the emergency room. This is a great thing to have while you're in Australia, but your private health insurance may not provide cover for a single thing when you leave the country.
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It may be beneficial to purchase your travel insurance policy as soon as you start booking your trip. This may help provide cover for any unexpected events that may delay or cancel your trip prior to leaving. Credit card travel insurance can be a convenient option. However it is important to read the policy terms and conditions as some credit card travel insurance policies may only provide basic cover. Depending on your trip you may need to purchase extra cover to make sure all of your possessions and activities are covered.



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