About us

With Defence Health, you're in safe hands

Since 1953, we’ve remained true to our purpose to protect the health of those who protect our country. 

We're here to support the families of those who defend our country. And care for those who once served. We’re also here for their supporters – the parents, brothers and sisters who are part of the Defence community too. You all belong with us.

We'll look out for you with great value health cover. And we'll give you the recognition for what you've been part of.

We're a non-profit organisation and we get what you need from your health fund. We look after our own.

We’re here for the Defence Community

The Defence community is a far-reaching group. At its core are ADF members, and their partners and their children. But there are others in the Defence community whose contributions to the security of the nation are less obvious.

First, there are those who have served– whether they are World War II veterans or the ADF members who are transitioning today to a new civilian life. Plus of course their partners and children.

There are also those who support, or have supported, ADF serving personnel. Think of all the past and present employees of the Department of Defence and other Defence-related departments. And all the Defence suppliers. They might be running canteen services or maintaining the latest fighter jets. Either way, they support Defence in many important ways and are part of the Defence community.

Finally, there are the often unsung Defence supporters – the extended families of all those who serve or have served. The mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, and even the grandchildren all play a part in supporting active Defence personnel.

The Defence community is one big Defence family of which we’re proud to be a part.

Our purpose

Our core purpose is to protect the health of those who protect our country.

Our values define us

Our values define us. They provide the foundation for the way we work with members, providers and each other.


We earn your trust by understanding your needs and consistently delivering quality products and services tailored for the Defence community.


We are friendly people, here to help you make good choices. We listen with intent and offer clear explanations, to provide you with peace of mind and support.


We’re part of the ADF family. We accept responsibility, act with initiative, and follow through. We won’t let you down.


Our people are proud to serve you. We actively seek ways to continuously improve our offer to you.


We’re here for people, not profit. We are committed to making a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of the Defence community.

We support our community

We support the Defence community through sponsorship of Defence community groups and organisations like Defence Families of Australia and the Defence Special Needs Support Group.

If you have a Defence related conference or community event you think we should know about, just drop us a line. If it supports the Defence community and reflects our family values, then we’ll be keen to check it out. Submit your enquiry here.

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