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Private health insurance puts you in control of your health care. You get to choose how best to manage your health – like when and where you’ll be treated and who’ll look after you. 

Hospital cover 

Hospital cover pays for private hospital accommodation, theatre fees, intensive care and Medicare-recognised treatments. It also provides a valuable contribution towards the cost of the medical practitioners treating you in a private hospital.

Extras cover

Extras cover gives you money back on the everyday health services not usually covered by Medicare – such as dental, optical, physio, chiro and psychology. These are the services that help to keep you and your family healthy. 

Combined hospital and extras cover

Combined hospital and extras cover gives you both types of insurance in one policy. These policies can range from health essentials to good all round cover through to comprehensive hospital cover with premium extras. When comparing combined policies, check that both the extras and hospital component are right for you.

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Gold, silver, bronze and basic cover

The introduction of the clearly defined basic, bronze, silver, and gold tiers of hospital cover also means that people know what they’re signing up for and what their cover includes.

Each tier of cover available in Australia must include the same minimum clinical categories. As the government mandates:

“If a policy covers a certain clinical category, then it must cover everything described as part of the category – not only some things. For example, ‘bone, joint and muscle’ category, or ‘heart and vascular system’ category – they must cover all of the treatment within that category