Who can join Defence Health

Who's eligible to join 

Australian Defence Force (ADF) families 

Partners and children of ADF members are eligible for our exclusive ADF packages (permanent SERCAT 6-7 and reservist SERCAT 3-5). If you’re a member of the permanent ADF you don’t need to cover yourself. Reservists (SERCAT 1-2) and their families are eligible for our mix and match product range.


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Other Defence connections

Past Service 

  • All those who have previously served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their partners and children  

Australian Defence Force supporters 

  • Anyone who works or has worked in the Department of Defence and other Defence-related departments
  • Anyone who works or has worked for a Defence supplier – a company or agency contracted to the Department of Defence, where you are or were involved in the supply of goods and services to Defence. 

Extended families of all above 

  • You are the mum or dad, son or daughter, sister or brother, grandchild or ex-spouse/partner of a serving or ex-serving member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or of an ADF supporter (described above)
  • You can check details of your relatives service on the DVA nominal roll 
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